Do you employ 1 to 100 people? More? Are your daily HR tasks piling up?Are you excellent at what you do but are unsure if your HR practices ar compliant? Mismanaged HR can result in the most costly mistakes imaginable to your business. We can help you catch and avoid costly mistakes, save time, and save money.

Our HR pros can help!

  • Strategic Leadership and Workforce Develpoment
  • Policy-Core Handbook Creation, or Review for compliance
  • Job Descriptions-Creations, or Review for Compliance
  • Form I-9 Audits- Are you Compliant?
  • Terminations-Situational Review& Consulting, or Direct Termination Communication

Hire us as your HR Directors!

Depending on the complexity of your needs you can have the support of your own HR pros fo less than it would be to hire one full time employee at minimum wage.